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family tree

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Husbands...

Woke up this am feeling overwhelmed, sick stomach and uncontrollable tears. I layed in bed and heard the chaos of children in the morning and I had to dig really deep to join them. Put on a happy face right. My husband has truly been amazing,and has been my rock through this.

He has been the silent strength that has guided me through this last year. He has kept his own fears and concerns to himself. We have talked about what we have needed to talk about, but kept it simple. This is our coping mechanism I guess. He just feels it is something that needs to be done, so we accept it, embrace it, and move through it.

We have been married six years on july 31st. This anniversary will be one we will never forget. The true strength of our marriage is being challenged right now. I know this is not easy for him. He will be taking on all of the burdens that I can not, but I think he will come out of this a better person, with more awareness and appreciation. I hope it helps us grow stronger as a couple.

Well to my husband,thank you for being my back bone right now! I love you!

THanks for listening!

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  1. I just posted about my husband, too! (On the occasion of our second anniversary). They make it better, don't they? Even this morning, I was harried and stressed getting out of the house and simply looking over at him as he drove me to work and being able to say "I love you" made it all better.