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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Steps forward, a couple steps back!!

Well I am not blogging as much as mind would like me to these days. I certainly always have a lot to say, but time does not warrent it always.

So I truly have done great with recovering from my PBM, and I know how lucky I am to have had such little complications. However, as I have become more active I have experienced more pain and discomfort. I think alot of nerve pain, regeneration perhaps and muscle pain. This is so difficult to swallow sometimes b/c it just reminds me of what I have been through over the last year. The business of life allows me to avoid and deny alot of life's curve balls!

Feeling my pec muscles pull across my chest frustrates me, or feeling an itch on the right side of my breast where I believe there is a stitch drives me insane at night when trying to sleep, or feeling the stretching under my armpit down to my ribcage at times stops me in my tracks. All of these feelings are things I would like to avoid. I am aware of my body, I know where things are now and what muscle is not happy for the day! These are things an untouched body does not experience. I want to feel untouched again.

It is difficult with the kids too, b/c I do not have a choice at times to not do things that perhaps aggravate my discomfort. Lifting the kids, doing massive amounts of laundry (yes my hubby should do it), cleaning, and just doing things I like doing! I enjoy moving furniture without waiting for my husband, or mowing the lawn, doing yard work. I sadly enjoy these things. I have found however, these motions are really making me uncomfortable.

So and the answer is easy, Do Not Do It! I know, it seems simple, but you just do not realize how much we take advantage of our bodies great abilities until we are restricted. I have some great information from other bloggers, which has been helpful. I feel I need to get myself back into physical therapy. I just can not seem to find the time to do this, and that is the saddest part b/c my purpose in this surgery was to take care of myself!

It is almost 6 months post op and I had to take a valium the other night to relieve some of the spasms under my arm. This helped slightly, but I was pretty annoyed that after this much time I need to revert to medications. I do frequently take ibuprofen, that has been my staple. Usually just once a day, but that depends on what I have done.

So overall I am still taking it day by day, or even week by week. This week is tolerable, last week I was slightly distressed !

Thanks for listening!


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