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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Telling Friends and Family!

So I have been thinking alot about how to personally explain to friends and family my choice in going forward with surgery. I know, most people may say who cares, this is your decision. But I do not enjoy elephants in the room. I want to be the one to tell people, I do not want to be part of a rumor mill or "hey did you hear, conversation". My mind is made up, but I do care about what people know and feel this is my opportunity to "teach" people what BRCA is all about and how important it is to truly understand it's implications and impact on our lives.

Now my words will only be shared with those friends and family members I am close too or consider important in my life. Unfortunately, with life being what it is, I do not get to talk or see these people as much as I would like, so I feel for that reason I want them to understand my choices and what I have been going through over the last year or so. I of course have many people who do know, but I have not really been the one telling them. My mom has helped pass the word along. I tend to get emotional when really talking about it. I never know when it is going to hit either. Sometimes I can talk freely about it, and other times, I just get scared and cry! So that is why I feel a letter is my best bet. I just do not want to run into a friend and have it be awkward. Probably more awkward for me, and this will be something I will have to gain with time. Regaining confidence and confidence in my choice. I have no doubt this is what I have to do, but it does not make explaining any easier.

Let me know if you have any ideas in telling family or friends about your experience.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi Kim,
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